Nyomi Marcella has the most beautiful tanned Asian skin. I have ever seen. Tyler recognized her from the last time he was there, so she quickly whisked him away to the massage room upstairs. The sensual Asian massage started off in the shower where she got naked herself and really soaped up his body well. Of course she paid special attention to his cock and crack before taking him to the jacuzzi. All dirty boys must be clean before entering the jacuzzi!

Once the two of them were in the jacuzzi, Nyomi Marcella gave Tyler a very gentle back rub. As he laid back in full relaxation, she slid her hands down his chest and stomach until she reached his hard dick. This little Asian nympho stroked him while sitting on the tub and playing with her own pussy. As the two of them got worked up together, it was time to relocate to the air bed. After a bit of nude body to body soapy sliding, she decided it was time to give him a real show. Once in the 69 position, Tyler couldn’t hold it anymore as he begged for his happy ending. Of course, Nyomi aims to please, so his wish was her command!

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Kara Tai was an 18 year old Asian teen that just started working at Soapy Massage, when a WWE wrestler named Craig came in for a Bangkok style massage. This little Asian cutie knew how to give a Bangkok style massage, so she got down to it. The relaxation session began as she stripped off her tiny pink nightie to expose her perky Asian titties, her nice tight ass and her bald pussy that was amazingly pink. Once she was done taking it all off, she helped Craig get naked. She was surprised to see his dick fully hard already, and she knew it would be a fun massage session!

Craig is a beefy man, and Kara Tai has tiny hands. Before they took their bath together, she wanted to get him all showered up. She made sure every inch of his frame was washed up, and she paid special attention to his family jewels before taking his hand and leading him to the soapy water. As they slid into the bubble bath, she sat behind him and used a sponge to get suds all over him. She used her soft hands to caress his entire body while rubbing his package. He was rock hard again within seconds, and she was ready to take him to the air mattress to finish up his soapy massage.

After a soapy nude body to body massage, and some intense 69 action, Kara Tai sat her tiny Asian ass on his stomach and began to stroke his hard dick. He moaned as she used her soapy hands to stroke his shaft up and down until his balls were ready to release a stream of sticky white cum. With nice long, rhythymic strokes of his cock, he shot his cum all over the place like a broken sprinkler. She giggles as the sperm got all over her hands, and he congratulated her for a job well done!

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Sayurri was the new girl at the Soapy Massage parlor. She is Japanese as you might assume, and her main focus is to make the man that she’s with, feel like a king. When Dino arrived at the Asian Massage parlor, it was his time to be pampered. After a brief introduction, Sayurri stripped both of them naked and dragged him to the bubble bath. Once inside the warm water, she grinded him with her shaved Asian pussy and allowed him to caress her entire naked body. The feel of her wet tits really turned him on, and she felt his dick rising. Once she felt his pecker poking her, she stood him up and began to give him a deepthroat blowjob. She could have made him cum right there, but she wanted to give him the full experience, so she stopped and took him to the shower.

Once in the steamy shower stall, Sayurri let his hands wander her body even more. He paid lots of attention to her perky tits and hard nipples while she stroked his hard schlong. As she did in the bath tub, she dropped down to her knees once again, grabbed his ass to pull him forward, and put his fat dick in her mouth. He moaned in pleasure and she took his dick balls deep into her needy throat. Dino had never had a blowjob like this before, but Sayurri had a lot more in mind. As she felt him nearing climax, she slowly stopped once again and she guided him to the bed where she would finish his massage.

Dino was so excited that he wanted to skip the massage and get right to the happy ending. After sucking his dick for so long, he didn’t have far to go until orgasm, so Sayurri took her time and sat on his face. The 69 action went on for a few minutes with her pussy in his mouth and his dick in her hand, until both had explosive orgasms. Dino’s mouth was filled qith pussy juice and Sayurri’s hands were filled with his creamy cum. I think it’s safe to say that this was a massage that both therapist and client both  enjoyed!

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Jessica Bangkok is a thick Asian cutie that absolutely loves the cock. Every time she sees a new client, she puts 110% into the massage, and Bobby really excited her. From the moment she pulled his pants off and exposed his meaty cock, she was dying to take a taste. However, she also takes the rules of the Soapy Massage parlor serious, and she doesn’t want to break them.

Jessica slowly stripped off her sexy corset, exposing her dark brown Asian nipples, and she peeled off her thong to unveil her nicely trimmed pussy. She led Bobby to the warm bathtub by his dick, and she gave him the best scrub of his life. She soaped up his entire body, gave him a wet and wild body to body massage, and paid special attention to his throbbing pecker. She could feel his rod getting harder by the second, so it was time to rinse him off in the shower. She took a seat and really rinsed him off, while she was just itching to put his wang into her moist mouth. She restrained though, like the good girl she tries to be.

The 3rd step of the massage incolved a wet air mattress and lots of soap. Bobby laid on his stomach as Jessica Bangkok rubbed his shoulders, his back, his legs and of course, his athletic ass. She slid her hand under his pelvis and she grabbed his rock hard cock. Of course at this point, she knew it was time for the flip. She writhed all ofer his body with her nude skin, and she spun around in the 69 position.  She jacked him off as he played with her pussy, and he quickly shot his huge cum load all over the place. Now that the massage was over, she gave into temptation and gave him a slow blowjob to make sure all the cum was cleaned off of his cock!

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Annie Cruz welcomed Brian to the massage room for his first ever soapy experience. She explained to the newbie about the different types of massages and asked if he would like the happy ending as well. Being the cheap skate that he is, he declined opting only for the standard body massage. Knowing that his body will want more if enticed, Annie stripped slowly and took Brian to the shower stall.

Once they got into the shower, Annie washed him and began playing with his cock to tease him. As he began to get excited, she asked him to soap her entire body which she knew would do the trick. After fondling each other, they slid into the jacuzzi for a fun and relaxing treatment…Then it was time for the air mattress!

Annie started off the mattress massage by sliding on him using her soaped up naked Asian body. After feeling his shaft getting stiffer, she re-positioned herself in the 69 position, letting her wet pussy rub against his cock. Brian could notresist the happy ending and he begged Annie to let him fuck her, but she denied him. Instead, Annie offered him an explosive soapy handjob instead, which he gladly accepted!
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Mia Smiles Massages A Virgin

22 Apr 2009 In: Soapy Massage Updates

Ian is 25 years old and has never had sex in his life. Yes, he is a 25 year old virgin!  For his birthday, his friends decided that he should be broken in by sending him to Soapy Massage!  When he arrived, he was happy to see that his friends booked an appointment for him with Mia Smiles! This amazing Asian beauty has the most amazing hands in the world, and Ian knew he would we taken care of.

The thought of working on a virgin made Mia Smiles excited! She knew that getting him naked and soaped up would be fun, so she took him to the shower to get cleaned up. Once they were under the steamy water, Mia took her time massaging every part of his body. She loved the feel of his 25 year old skin on her hands, and the feel of his dick in her hands made her smile even more. She paid close attention to his cock by grinding it with her ass, rubbing it with her hands, and dropping to her knees to get a closer look!

After he was showered properly, Mia walked him over the the massage table and laid him face down. After a nice rub down and some ass tickling, she made him flip over. With her soft hands and some baby oil, she took his fat dick in her hands, stroked it up and down, and made him spray his virgin cum all over the place!

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Kitty Langdon is one of the more popular ladies at Soapy Massage. She is a mature Asian masseuse who is a true cougar. On a Tuesday afternoon, she received a call from Dino who wanted to come in for some soapy relaxation. When he arrived, he began complaining about how hard his day was and how crappy his wife was, and Kitty had heard just about enough. Instead of continuing to listen to his problems, she stripped her clothes off slowly and took him upstairs for his massage.

Once Dino stopped his whining, Kitty took him to the jacuzzi and soaped him up. He loved this, but the best was yet to some. After we was all clean, Kitty Langdon brought him over to the air mattress where she began by  teasing him. As she got him nice and slippery, she used her nude body as a muscle relaxer. As she slid her naked Asian body into the 69 position with him, there was one muscle that was no longer relaxed!

After he was as hard as a rock, the two of them took a trip to the bedroom. Kitty poured a good amount of baby oil on her perky tits and on his dick, and she jerked him off in various positions. His view of her awesome body was all he could ask for and within minutes she let him shoot his creamy load all over.

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Evelyn Lin had just started working at Soapy Massage and is one of the cutest Asian babes on staff. She had studied the various massages offered at the parlor and when Mike came in, she gave him the options. When he heard about the mattress massage that included a happy ending, he was sold. Evelyn Lin stripped naked and invited him into the shower with her.

Mike was soaped up and rinsed off in the shower, and he couldn’t wait to see what was next. He didn’t have to wait long, and his sexy Asian masseuse took him to a hot bubble bath where she began to really rub his pumped up muscles. As she reached down, she felt his main muscle throbbing in her hand, and she looked up at him with a smile. She had done her job in the tub, and it was now time for a trip to the air mattress, where the real magic happens.

As their two soapy naked bodies touched on the mattress, she slid all over him, focusing on all of his private areas. She jacked him off in multiple positions, as she used her perky tits and moist pussy to stimulate the other parts of his body. As she felt his dick getting ready to explode, she moved into a position where she could see the cum eruption. As the jizz sprayed from his cock, she looked up at him with a smile because she knew that he would be back in the future.

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Richard is a computer programmer that gets no love at home from his wife. She’s always too tired to fuck him, has a headache or is just not in the mood. Assuming that she is fucking around on him, Richard visited the Soapy Massage parlor and he decided to go with a 1 hour massage with the beautiful Gianna. This exotic Asian babe has some big bouncy tits, and she knows how to use them!

After Richard was loosened up in the shower, Gianna took him by the hand to a jacuzzi tub that was filled with warm soapy water. She made sure to make him feel special by rubbing every part of his body, while paying special attention to his throbbing penis. She slowly caressed his shaft ultil he had a big erection, and then she moved him over to the air mattress.

Gianna excells in her nude body to body massages. She loves using her big soapy tits to rub down aching muscles while her hard nipples give the skin a gentle tickle. As the two soapy bodies slid across each other, Gianna put her ass and pussy up in the air near Richard’s face. As he got an amazing view of her bald Asian holes, she slowly rubbed her tiny hands up and down his hard dick. Gianna gave Richard a slow handjob until she should feel him twitching in pleasure. After a few more strokes, he shot a massive load of cum all over the place, and got ready to go back home to his prude wife!

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As you can see, Mia Smiles is one of the most popular masseuses at Soapy Massage. This is her second time featured on this site, and we’re not complaining. While it’d be easy to say that this sexy Asian is so popular because she has nice tits, a pink Asian pussy and a beautiful face, there is much more to her. Mia Smiles has an electric personality and gives her clients anything they want!

Chris visited Mia Smiles after his friend had told him about her treatment. She was more beautiful than he could have imagined. As she undressed and pulled off his clothes, she got a glimpse of his instant hard on. She wasted no time and she took him straight to the shower. After cleaning him up a bit, she dropped to her knees and began to stroke his dick softly while looking up at him with her sexy brown eyes. As he began to get wobbly knees, she took him to the jacuzzi tub. She rubbed his wet body as he laid back and enjoyed himself. She stood him up so that she could have some easy access to his cock, and she knew instantly that he was ready for the air mattress massage.

Mia Smiles laid him down and began to work on his ass, back and legs. He moaned in pleasure as her hands explored every crevice of his body. She flipped him over and slid her nude Asian body all over his, while backing her ass up in his face. He was dying to take a taste of her sweet Asian pussy, so she let him. He licked her pussy while she rubbed his fat dick, for some sensual 69 action. After he got his fix of pussy, she furiously jacked him off until a massive cum explosion covered her tiny hands in sticky sperm.

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