A few friends recommended David to the Soapy Massage parlor after complaining about his lack of pussy. He’s lucky he has such good friends! Unlike many that visit the Soapy Massage parlor, he is much more interested in the happy ending then the massage, and he tells Kayme about it. She giggled knowing how fun it would be to get him all worked up, and she led him to the shower to clean up.

After a hot soapy shower, Kayme took David to the outdoor jacuzzi because she is a voyeur by nature. After some jacuzzi relaxation and some soapy rubbing, she took him to the air bed and caressed him with oil and soap so that his body was nice and slippery. Once he was oiled up, she proceeded with the naked body to body massage.

After teasing him for a while and seeing how hot and bothered he was getting, she decided to give him the happy ending he was looking for. After jacking off his hard dick for a few minutes, his cock spewed cum and she smiled knowing that she did her job to perfection!

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After a hard day of work on the construction site, Tony decided to visit the oriental massage parlor for a nice relaxing massage. Lucky for him, this wasn’t the typical Asian rub and tug! When he meets his masseuse, he can hardly believe his eyes. Max Mikita greeted him with a smile, and her petite Asian body was just what the doctor ordered.

Maxine started off with the typical rub down: She massaged his back, arms, and legs. After she got some knots out, she took him over to the bath tub. As he laid back, she sat behind him in the jacuzzi tub and started rubbing his chest and playing with his hard dick. When she saw how hard he was, she giggled mischievously and lead him to the air mattress.

When she laid him on the mattress, she continued by rubbing him in various positions. She gave a very slippery nude body to body massage that really excited him. As she could feel his balls tightening in anticipation of exploding, she flipped him over and stroked his cock with both hands and finished up by giving him a nice happy ending with an intense cum release!

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Dwayne is in the Navy and was taking a leave. before heading back out to sea,  he wanted to relax a bit by getting a sensual full body massage. When he entered the massage parlor, he was welcomed by  Asia. This Asian beauty had a beautiful tanned body, a perfect bubble butt and a pierced pussy that just begs to be fucked!

Dwayne was a new client, so she explained all the services they offer. Dwayne didnt think twice about it when asked, and he opted  for the entire soapy package that comes with a complimentary happy ending. After Asia washed his naked body in the outdoors jacuzzi, she soaped him up on the air bed and started sliding her hot young nude body all over his. After he was in a  state of total relaxation, she stroked his big black cock until he shot his cum all over her perfect tits. After she cleaned him up, he made a promise to tell all of his Navy friends about this place.

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Brad was going through some marital problems, and needed to get rid of some stress. After a recommendation from a friend, he thought that a visit to Leilani Li for a full relaxation body massage, would be a good thing for him.  After Leilani  heard Brad’s story, she decided to throw in an explosive happy ending for free.

Leilani Li led him upstairs to get him cleaned up and rubbed down in the shower. After stroking his cock in the shower, she decided to pleasure herself as well. Her Asian pussy was so turned on! After some shower fun, she led him to a mattress where he was laid out and covered in slippery soap.

She massaged his back, feet, legs, thighs ass, chest and of course, his dick. As she felt his dick  getting as hard as a rock, she knew it was time to move him over to the jacuzzi tub. She didn’t mes around when in the tub, and she furiously jacked his dick off. After a few minutes of stroking and some dirty talk, the jizz squirted out of his cock, and his stress was relieved!

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John made a Tuesday appointment at the massage parlor, but he had no idea what was in store. Based on a friends recommendation, he booked a relaxation massage with Ange Venus. He was under the impression that this was just your standard rub and tug, but he couldn’t have been more wrong.

Once John came in and saw the woman that would be working on his body, a smile overtook his face! One look at his hot Japanese masseuse with giant tits and her sexy long black hair, and John knew it would be great. After the introduction, Ange Venus brought the soap came out and rubbed it all over his body, with a little extra going on his cock. She skillfully used her delicate Asian hands and even teased him with her gorgeous hair that would make Rapunzel jealous.

Ange Venus used her big soapy Asian tits to her advantage, and rubbed them all over John until he was nice and slippery. Once his body was slick, she grinded all over him with her little bubble butt while easing his muscles with her soothing hands. As she circled his perineum with her freshly manicured nails, he knew it was time for the flip. As Ange gazed upon his hard dick, she knew what he wanted. After a sensual soapy handjob, John shot cum from his cock and quivered in orgasmic delight. Thanks to Ange Venus, Soapy Massage now has a new regular customer!

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After a long hard day of motorcycle racing at the dunes, Jason dropped by Soapy Massage for some real relaxation. Once he entered the spa, he locked eyes with Kaiya Lynn and he knew he was in for a real treat. She met him wearing some sexy red lingerie which really turned him on and made him anticipate what was to come.

The hot little Asian babe took her stressed out client over the the bathtub to get cleaned up. She filled the bath with loads of bubbles and had him lay back as she soaped him up and introduced him to her magic fingers. She made sure to relieve tension in all of his muscled before she took him to the air bed. Once Jason was on the mattress, Kaiya soaped him up once again and gave him an intense naked body to body massage. She rubbed his sore back down with her perky Asian tits and caressed his ass with her delicate hands. Just as he thought it could get no better, Jason was told to flip. Kaiya took his soaped up dick into her tiny hands and stroked him until his dick had a cum explosion!

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Mia Smiles just started her job at the Soapy Massage Parlor. She didn’t know what to expect, but her first client Mike put her at ease. Upon meeting him and seeing him strip down to nothing, she was instantly turned on. Being as her pussy instantly moistened up, she decided to give her first client some extra special treatment. Mia started the session by giving him a nice warm bath with a sensual scrub down that left his entire body soapy and slick.

After the warm bath, Mia Smiles moved Mike down to an air mattress on the floor, where she covered his body in even more bubbles. She uses the soap to get his entire body lubricated while paying special attention to his fat dick. As she felt his cock growing in her hands, her own pussy began to throb. She went wild and decided to use his soapy body parts to rub her pretty pink Asian pussy. This amazing appointment concluded with happy endings for both client and masseuse. Her erotic handjob led to a giant cumshot explosion which was shortly followed by her own quivering orgasm!

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Kris is a lonely guy who visited the local massage parlor because his always busy girlfriend was “working”. Lucky for him, his girlfriend is an Asian masseuse that specializes in making men feel special!  Kris has the week from hell at his job, and his girlfriend thought it’d be nice for him to come in and spend some time alone with her doing what she does best. Kitty was so happy to see him in her place of business, and she wanted to show off her skills!  He stripped down and got up on the massage table so that she could get to work on getting some of his kinks out. After she massaged his entire body using her soapy nude body to body technique, she knew it was time to give him what he really wanted: A happy ending! This petite Asian girlfriend stroked his rock hard cock and gave him the girlfriend special.of course the girlfriend special gave him a free pass to cum in her mouth while she stroked him off!

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Kitty Langdon welcomed Tom when he arrived for his massage appointment. Tom is a longtime lover of Asians, but Kitty is in a league of her own. Being as she is a cougar, her experience is utilized as she takes extra special care of him and his long white dick. This MILF, massaged his sore muscles in the bath and moved him to an airbed. Once on the mattress, Kitty Langdon gives him a full contact body-to-body nude massage. She slides her big tits, perfect ass and tight Asian pussy all over his body.

As the massage goes on, she makes sure to pay some special attention to his throbbing cock. As she gives him an intense handjob, she can’t resist using her mouth, and Tom receives the best blowjob of his life. After a cum splashing ending, he is cleaned up and sent on his way with a giant smile. There is no doubt that he will be back to Soapy Massage!

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